10-year old Richmond 4th grader gives up Christmas for homeless pets

by RAL on December 8, 2012 · 19 comments

—Guest Blogger: Sarah Clinton, Richmond Animal League Community Manager

Emily's Christmas WishMeet Emily.  She’s 10 years old, a fourth grader, a fan of cats and dogs, and is “giving up” Christmas for Richmond Animal League (RAL) this year.

We learned about this incredible gift when a $500 donation from Emily’s aunt and uncle came in with a note that said,  “Emily Newsom gave up her Christmas gifts this year to have all the money go to the Richmond Animal League.”

Last January, Emily and her family adopted a puppy from RAL they named Harley.  According to Emily, Harley has spent the last year “growing a bunch, learning how to sit, not really staying, getting belly rubs, and learning to sleep in a bed.”  Emily can’t imagine life without her.

This year, RAL rescued and found homes for more than 1,300 animals.  Like Harley, most of the animals we bring to our shelter have at one time been in danger of being euthanized simply because they had not found someone to love them yet.

Emily explained her decision during a visit to the shelter:  “I just didn’t have any ideas for what people could get me.  I have a lot of things.  I wanted the animals to have all the presents.”  She might be a little kid, but Emily is making a very big difference in the lives of homeless pets this holiday season.

We thought it would be a great idea to help Emily have the biggest and best Christmas ever by asking our community to join her in supporting RAL.  Anyone can get in on the fun by donating HERE (or visiting our website – www.ral.org) and entering MERRY CHRISTMAS EMILY in the note field.  We’re starting a map to show Emily that she’s having a nation-wide impact! We’d love to get one donation from EVERY STATE. So far, donors from Virginia, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Missouri, Colorado, Indiana, New York, Utah, Texas, Maryland, California, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana and Florida have raised more than $5,000 in two days.

Questions or requests for additional information should be directed to sarah@ral.org.



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This is such a touching story. I wish more people could be more like Emily! Thanks for sharing.

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